Where Can I Blog without a Blog

Great you have decided to start blogging!

Maybe you are not ready to go with a hosted blog like WordPress.com.

Those can be scary! I know many people that are technical that do not want to spend the time learning how to take care of them. If you want to tackle this more advanced option see my post on How to start a blog for free.

Maybe you don’t want to spend the money right now and want to just get started.

Well, I can help show you a couple of great places to start.


Medium is a great place to start writing blog posts without having to manage a blog site or pay. They have all kinds of content and are not limited to tech or developer blog posts.

Medium is even great if you already have a blog site since you can cross-post your content and reach more people without hurting the SEO on your main site.


If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, stop now and create one! This is especially true if you are in a technical profession.

On the LinkedIn platform, you can write articles. These will automatically be shared with some of your connections or people that follow you.

You can reach more people by sharing the article on LinkedIn with routine status updates.

To make the most of the platform be sure to enable your visibility is set to public for Posts & Activities.


The developer only version of Medium is Dev.to. The site is geared to developer type topics and the interface to write posts provides a little more flexibility than Medium and LinkedIn since you write everything in Markdown.

If you are not aware, Markdown is a text-based writing tool that allows you to focus on content vs. the technical aspects of HTML. You can get an idea of how to format your content with this cheat sheet.

Parting Thoughts - Just Write

In the end, there is no wrong choice, other than not starting. So get out there and just write!