Why Blog

You are pondering about starting a blog and not sure if you should.

Here are the 5 main reasons I started to blog:

Practice Writing

Maybe you’re like me and hated writing in school and thought it was a waste of time.

Early in my time in college, I ruled out being a lawyer because I hated to write term papers. I made it my mission to get through college without ever writing one.

I managed to find ever professor and class that didn’t require term papers and even opted for the fundamentals of acting class over a speech class where several term papers where required.

This determination and resourcefulness helped me get through my immediate goals and allowed me to complete my Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree in three years.

Five years later I came into a position that required me to write routinely to internal and external team members. I was decent at writing, yet never great.

I’m still not great.

Don’t be like me and start writing sooner and a blog is an easy way!

Get out of your comfort zone

Even if you are technical, managing a blog site can be a challenging experience.

There will probably be things you haven’t worked with before. This is a great way to push yourself to try new things.

So maybe you are good on the technical front and need to push yourself to share your ideas and thoughts.

You will find there are many people that will be willing to help you overcome any obstacles.

Share what you learn

You would be surprised by how many people will enjoy what you have learned. Taking the time to share what you have learned is rewarding.

In addition, this very act of teaching others is a required skill for more advanced positions and it will create opportunities for you.

Be an advocate for others

Writing will provide an opportunity for you to help others.

This could be a local charity or helping kids learn to code and providing a voice for them.

Keep a living resume

Keeping your resume up to date is no fun! Your blog posts can be part of your overall resume for others to learn more about you.

It will not be an exact replacement. It could help be the deciding factor for your next position!

You could even have a page on your blog that is your resume that would be easy for others to see and for you to maintain.

Parting Thoughts - Keep it Simple

Regardless of what you do, keep it simple!

To start off with keep your blog site simple and don’t worry with all of the bells and whistles. You can add those as you go and treat it as your own agile project!

Maybe you’re not sure if you can afford one.

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