Free Azure Training, YES!

Microsoft and Pluralsight have an agreement that provides free Azure training courses when your accounts are linked.

When you have completed the process you should see the “Azure Subscription” under your account along with several of the Azure courses.

Pluralsight subscription list with free Azure training

Azure training pluralsight

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s set of services that allow you to create IT solutions in the cloud.

Ok, but what is the cloud?

The cloud is a set of connected data centers that Microsoft manages around the globe. IT teams can create solutions in the datacenters and manage them remotely. These services allow companies to create sophisticated solutions using virtual computing technology without all of the cost of maintaining a physical location.

Virtualization allows companies to save money and get their products up an running faster.  There is no waiting for new servers to arrive. New virtual servers can be created in a matter of minutes! Virtualization is not limited to servers! You can create networks, subnets, firewalls, load balancers along with many other services.

Tell me about Pluralsight!

Pluralsight is an online training platform that will help you continue to grow as an IT professional. They have technical, marketing, graphics design, leadership along with many others.

In addition to the free Azure training courses, they have a weekly free course and more free courses for kids

Pluralsight is a subscription-based service that runs $29 a month or $299 a year that you can access with your browser, smartphone applications or smart TV applications.

Do you travel a lot? The smartphone applications will allow you to watch it offline!

Free Azure Training signup steps

Create an Azure account.

Create Azure Account

Create a trial Pluralsight account.

Pluralsight new account

Logout of Pluralsight. (This is a key step and the only way to link an existing Pluralsight account!)

Select one of the courses from the list.

Azure Course List

Click the “Register and start for Free” button to link your Azure and Pluralsight accounts.

Register to link Azure and Pluralsight accounts

Complete the Registration form. (This will link the accounts and it will not create a new Pluralsight account.)

Register Pluralsight form

Select one of the courses.

Azure Pluralsight Course List

Start learning!

Start Azure Pluralsight course

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash